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[SG] Insurance Inquiries

1. What is the Buyer’s Protection Plan?

The Buyer’s Protection Plan provides a customized solution for carriers that offer to protect one's consignment from any probable downside risks. All deliveries come with basic insurance coverage by our individual courier providers. 


2. Am I covered under the same coverage plan, no matter which courier I choose?

After applying for the plan, your coverage will be handled by your courier's own insurance team; below is an outline of which courier has which insurance team.

3. How does the Buyer's Protection Plan help me to protect my shipment?

The plan provides extensive coverage against All-Risks from the time of collection/receipt by the carrier till delivery to the consignee. However, it is subject to certain exclusions. Please refer to the individual courier's coverage page for more information.

4. I've done over a hundred shipments and nothing went wrong! Why should I get the plan for myself now?

That is a wonderful position to be in. But the more you ship, the more the law of averages works against you. Currently, risk management estimates that nearly 30% of losses are unavoidable for all shipments via courier companies worldwide. Having the right coverage on your shipment manages that risk in the most cost-effective way.

5. What does All-Risks mean?

Any loss or damage against the chosen insurance team's coverage terms and conditions (except certain situations, as outlined below in the last enquiry section).

6. Is EasyParcel responsible for any claims towards covered shipments under the Buyer's Protection Plan?

EasyParcel accepts no responsibility for/or liability to shipper’s or consignee’s failure to comply with the T&C of the Buyer’s Protection Plan policy.

7. Is EasyParcel forcing the Buyer's Protection Plan on me?

EasyParcel, for itself and on behalf of the consignee, agrees and acknowledges that EasyParcel makes the Buyer’s Protection Plan option available as an accommodation to users who may or may not want to obtain such coverage. By doing so, EasyParcel is not and shall not be deemed to be in parcel coverage company and shall have no liability as such.

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