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[SG] Insurance Damage & Plan-Voiding Inquiries

1. Does the Buyer’s Protection Plan cover any items in the no compensation and prohibited lists?

The Buyer’s Protection Plan is NOT available for shipments involving those items under the no compensation and prohibited lists.

2. What exclusions/ kinds of damage will cancel/void out my coverage plan?

Loss or damage caused by such scenarios is not covered under the Buyer’s Insurance Plan, such as:-

  • Wars & Strikes
  • Improper packaging of shipment (please follow SkyCover's packing guide to avoid this)
  • Rusting, Oxidation, Decolourisation, Bending, Chipping, Marring and Scratching
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Derangement or breakdown pair & set Clause
  • Software programming errors
  • Loss of Data
  • Terrorism
  • Radioactive Contamination, Chemical, Biological, Bio-Chemical and Electromagnetic Weapons.
  • Loss or damage arising from custom, police or any government body detention.

** If any of the terms in the FAQ happen to have any discrepancies with an individual courier's coverage plan, consult the information in that courier's coverage page.

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