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How to pay shipment Duties & Taxes on EasyParcel?

When you deliver something to another country, import taxes and duties may be imposed on your shipment by customs. There are two payment methods when it comes to import taxes and duties in EasyParcel:

Prepaid By Sender (DDP - Delivered Duty Paid)

The sender pays for the estimated import duties and taxes. The estimated import tax and duty amount will be included when you pay for this shipment. Paying the charges upfront reduces lag time and streamlines the shipping process to your receiver.

You, as the sender, must ensure that shipment details are correct and accurate (including shipment value), ready for unloading, and that they fulfill export and import responsibilities. Relevant customs and/or couriers have the right to charge additional charges if you misdeclare any of the shipments.

To book an international shipment with the DDP method, you can follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Log in to your EasyParcel account, under 'Send Parcel', click on 'International Delivery' and key in your parcel details.

Step 2: You can choose Aramex or Janio and hit book.

Note: You can check which couriers support DDU and DDP payment methods in this guide here.

Step 3: Fill in the sender's details, receiver's details, parcel's details and turn on the DDP feature. An estimated amount of tax and duties will be added to your total.

Step 4: You can then proceed to payment per usual to book the shipment.

Postpaid By Receiver (DDU - Delivered Duty Unpaid)

The receiver will be informed by the courier or customs to pay for the import taxes and duties when the shipment arrives at destination customs. Additional charges, such as storage charges, handling charges, etc., may be imposed by customs as well. After the payment is made, the shipment will only be released by customs and delivered to the receiver.

You, as the sender, will have the responsibility to inform the receiver that he/she is required to pay the duty, taxes, or any charges incurred by the destination customs in advance.

However, couriers usually contact the sender first via email/SMS for duty tax charges; thus, you, as the sender need to be alert for the contact. If no payment are to be made, then the charges will be billed to the sender's EasyParcel account.

We’ve also rolled out a Tax & Duties Calculator to do the estimated calculation for you.

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