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[SG] Top Up Methods

  • [SG] Top Up Online Via Credit/Debit Card and E-wallet

    You can top up your EasyParcel credit directly in just a few clicks online and enjoy member rates for your deliveries. This online top up available across multiple methods, including credit/debit card, and e-wallet. Find out how you can...

  • [SG] Top Up Offline Via ATM/Bank Transfer

    If you find transferring a big amount of money via payment gateway is a bit worrying, fret not as we've launched offline top up for you.  At this moment, offline top up is available for EP10,000 and EP20,000 packages only. The best...

  • [SG] EasyParcel Credits Auto Top Up

    To make sure you have enough credit to use every time you need, it is best for you to top up your EasyParcel credit ahead too. Simply perform a one-time activation for auto top-up, and never run out of EasyParcel credit again! Th...