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Other Tools

  • Address Book

    Every address that you have used before will be automatically saved in the Address Book. When placing for your next order, you can grab the address and other details from the Address Book and it will automatically fill up for you. If yo...

  • Volumetric Calculator

    The majority of couriers base their shipping rate on either the actual weight or volumetric weight of a parcel, whichever is the greater. If your item is large and takes up a lot of space when being moved about, the cost is greater for ...

  • Tax Calculator


  • Fragile Logos

    Attach special handling label or fragile packing symbol to your parcel can help to notify courier riders on how it should be handled and taken care of. All parties involved are informed and would take the necessary precaution at each st...

  • Widgets

    EasyTrack  Make it easy for you and your customers to track shipment status on your website. You can easily insert EasyTrack on your website by pasting the HTML codes. Psst.. besides bringing convenience to you, our EasyTrack may ...