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What is EasyParcel Reward Points?

What is EasyParcel Reward Points?

Let your top up with EasyParcel give you more than just big savings on shipping fee, and also bigger rewards for you.

Aimed to thank our users like you for the continuous support and make parcel delivery via EasyParcel even more rewarding for everyone, there’s no better timing than now for us to bring you the EasyReward programme.

With this, you’ll be able to earn 1 point on every RM1 top up made in EasyParcel from 3rd March 2020 onwards and not to forget redeem yourself some exciting rewards with the earned points.

How EasyParcel Reward works?

Step 1: Make a new top up.

Step 2: Earn EasyReward points based on your top up amount (every RM1 top up = 1 EasyReward point).

Step 3: Hurray! Redeem your rewards with points earned.

**Heads up! The EasyReward points will expire along with your account validity. To keep your points alive, make a new top up to extend its validity period for another 1 year.


  1. When will I receive EasyParcel Reward points after top up is made?

    With a new top up, the equivalent points will be credited into your EasyReward instantly once the top up is completed.

  2. Is there a limit to the number of EasyParcel Reward points I can earn?

    There will be no limit imposed for EasyReward points earned. Let’s say you top up RM2000 in EasyParcel and you’ll be given 2000 EasyReward points.

  3. How long is the validity period of my EasyParcel Reward points?

    Your EasyReward points will expire along with your account validity. Simply top up any package before the expire date to extend the validity period of your EasyReward points for an additional 1 year.

  4. Can I transfer my EasyParcelReward points to someone else?

    Unfortunately, your EasyReward points are non-transferrable and non-exchangeable. Your points is a benefit linked to your EasyParcel account only.

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