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[SG] OsCommerce

Goods news for all OsCommerce merchants! OsCommerce will be joining as part of our EasyParcel integration family. You can now skip all hectic delivery booking process and have your orders booked easily. Follow our steps to learn about how to integrate your store with EasyParcel easily.

Step 1: Click on "Integrations" > "Add New Store".  

Step 2: Choose “OsCommerce”.

Step 3: Insert your OsCommerce shop name and weight unit. Click "Next Step". 

Step 4: Get your Integration ID and download the integration kit. Click "Next Step".

Step 5: Fill in the details. You can choose either send by “Cheapest Service” which system will automatically select the courier comes with cheapest rate, or select your own preferable courier company such as Qxpress, Janio, J&T Express and more by selecting “Courier Company”. However, you will be automatically assigned to “Cheapest Service” if your destination is not covered by your selected courier company. 

 Step 6: Select your preferred marketing tools to reach out your brand to more people. Click "Submitand your integration is completed.  


Step 7:  Click “Your Stores” and make sure your OsCommerce is “Activated”.

Step 8: Click the three line icon “Action” > “Import” to import your orders. Your OsCommerce order must be in “Processing” status in your store for the “Import Item(s)” function to work. Orders under processing status will be imported to your EasyParcel account. 

Step 9: Select your desired order or all order using the check box given and key in your “collection date”

Step 10: Click “Merge Orders” to merge your order if the orders have the same address and you will be directed to payment process.


 Step 11: Click “Add to Cart” and you will be directed to payment process.  

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