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How to setup custom branding on EasyTrack?

What is EasyTrack?

Are you aware that it's the courier tracking page that your customer is opening over and over again? Psst… you can now lead your customers to a tracking page where you can feature your brand: your logo, your links, your Facebook page and even your latest promotion. Let us introduce you the marketing tool - EasyTrack Branding:-

How much is EasyTrack Branding?

Monthly SubscriptionYearly Subscription
S$5.99/month$47.88 (S$3.99/month)

Note: Save extra S$24 when you subscribe to EasyTrack Branding yearly package.

How to set up EasyTrack Branding?

Step 1: Go to “Marketing Tools” on the sidebar of your dashboard and click on “EasyTrack Branding”.

Step 2: You can customize your EasyTrack landing page by uploading your own brand logo and promotional banner, and even key in your Facebook page url.

Step 3: Customise the URL for your EasyTrack Branding landing page.

Step 4: You can decide to remove EasyParcel branding in your EasyTrack landing page at S$5 (but it’s FREE now!).

Step 5: Once everything is ready, all you need to do is just click on “Submit For Review” and wait for the approval from EasyParcel team.

Step 6: Choose a plan that suits you and click "Subscribe Now".

Just get your customer’s order out of delivery is not end of the story, you can further engage with your customers and build their brand loyalty by having EasyTrack Branding whenever they track for their shipment status. 

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