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How to get EasyParcel API key?

What is API Key?

If you have your own website and selling online, our API can help to simplify and accelerate your daily delivery routine. You can use the API to automatically book your deliveries once a sale is made and skip manually ordering.  EasyParcel API allows you to book and manage shipments right from your website!

The EasyParcel API allows your application to access current data within EasyParcel. However, EasyParcel API is using RESTful with PHP concept to develop API for web based applications. Through the API, several common operations can be performed on EasyParcel objects. 

There are few sections which consists of : 

  • Rate Checking
  • Making Order
  • Making Order Payment
  • Checking Order Status
  • Checking Parcel Status
  • Tracking Parcel Details

How much does it cost?

It’s FREE! You would just need to pay for the delivery orders you’ve made. 

How to get EasyParcel API?

Step 1: Go to EasyParcel website, click on Integration > "Add New Store".

Step 2: Click "API Key"

Step 3: Choose which Marketplace API or Individual API that suit your business platform.  

Marketplace API

  • For marketplaces with multiple sellers in it
  • Multiple EasyParcel accounts sharing the same API

i. Click on “Get API key"

ii. Fill in the details and click on "Request API key". 

Individual API 

  • Mainly for individual website with only one owner
  • One seller with hardcoded e-commerce website
  • Owner of a website / sole owner

Step 4: Fill in the details and click "Save"

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