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Is EasyParcel a courier?

The short answer is, no. But even better, EasyParcel is a gateway to all the top couriers in Malaysia and internationally. Which means via EasyParcel, you can send your parcels with any top courier at lower rates via our user-friendly platform.

You can benefit a lot from EasyParcel's platform as a one-stop centre for your delivery needs. Read on to find out what you'll enjoy from our platform.

Shipping Rate Checker

Enjoy a smooth process to choose couriers at your fingertips via rate comparison with multiple courier options. You'll also be able to compare the fastest delivery options that suit your needs. All you need to do is quote your parcel and you'll get a list of courier rates to compare within a few clicks.

Shipping and Delivery

"Delivery Made Easy" is the EasyParcel motto. We've made sure your shipping processes are smooth via multiple ways including auto-generated shipping documents (Air Waybill), easy CSV upload, receiver notification via Tracking SMS and Tracking Email, the ability to schedule your parcel pick up in advance, parcel protection and more.

You can also enjoy all these at EasyParcel:

  • Hassle-free domestic shipment booking
  • Hassle-free international shipment booking
  • Free pick up service from your doorstep, even for one parcel
  • Easy drop off to any closest branch or point in your area
  • Multiple courier choices at your fingertips
  • Auto-generated commercial invoice when you ship to Sabah, Sarawak and overseas
  • Enjoyable tracking experience

We provide easy booking for single parcel and bulk parcels, so whether you're a casual sender or a business organization that ships in bulk, EasyParcel is suitable for you.

Multi-store Delivery Solution

If you happen to run multiple online stores, you can also sync up all your orders for shipping via our integration feature. Integrate your store so you can save more time and lessen your workload. You can just operate from one website to do everything instead of opening a few tabs just to finish one order.

You can also import your orders after integrating, which removes the hard wor of typing your customers' addresses manually.

At EasyParcel, we have more than 40+ stores to integrate, so you can easily start syncing from day one.

Parcels Management

To help you with your parcel management, we provide a full report on your parcel analytics once you log into your account, right in your dashboard. With this, you can easily see your progress for all the parcels you've sent so far. We also provide support for any delivery issues you might face or any inquiries you might have via our support team. Once the booking has been made, you can check all your parcel statuses on one page.

Delivery Experiences

You can fully enjoy the best delivery experience as we also provide services such as up-to-date shipment tracking, able to pay estimated import tax and duties upfront, track parcels easily via dedicated tracking page, Cash On Delivery (COD) type of shipment, Custom Branding where you can customize your branding messages via Tracking SMS, Tracking Email, EasyTrack Branding and AWB Branding, start managing campaigns via SMS campaign - all at affordable rates and so much more.

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