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Shipment Tracking Tools

  • What is EasyTrack on EasyParcel?

    Tracking your EasyParcel shipment is easy, just use your tracking number located in the "Parcel Status" of your EasyParcel account and enter it into the tracking tool - EasyTrack. You can also find the tracking number on your ...

  • What is Tracking SMS on EasyParcel?

    Introducing Tracking SMS where your receivers will receive the tracking details via SMS once the order is paid. Awesome isn’t it? If you’re having tons of orders and don’t want to have your customers left unattended, this will be a good...

  • What is Tracking Email on EasyParcel?

    You can now send tracking details such as selected courier, tracking number and even collection date to your receivers automatically via email upon check out the shipment from your cart. With this, you can reduce customers’ questions ab...