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How to claim free packing materials?

Sending love vibes with EasyParcel personalized flyers is the perfect way to cheer up your recipient! For every top up of SGD321 or above, you will be able to claim the LIMITED EDITION FREE FLYERS. Simply request here once top up done. Our flyer is applicable to use for all courier companies.


Here’s some scoop on how to get your FREE flyers from us!

For every top up of EP300 or above, you will be able to claim the limited edition flyers or thermal rolls for FREE. Simply request here once top up done. There are 3 options available to choose from:

Flyer (EP L/A3 Size)Flyer (EP XL/A2)Thermal Roll (A6)
295mm (width) x 395mm (length) + 40mm flap390mm (width) x 498mm (length) + 40mm flap100mm (width) x 150mm (length)

How many pieces can I get for each top up package?

Top Up PackageFlyer (EP L/A3 Size)Flyer (EP XL/A2)
Thermal Roll (A6) (350 pcs/roll)
Take note: free flyers will be available for request within 3 months from your top up date.

Follow the steps below to claim:-

Step 1: Click "Shop" > "Redeem (Flyer Request)".

Step 2: After you have top up, a new request bar will appear below.

STEP 3: By default, the delivery address will be your registered default address, but you are allowed to change your address by clicking the “Edit Address” button.

STEP 4: Click the “Request” button to submit your flyer request.

STEP 5: After the flyer request submission, you’re still allowed to cancel the request by clicking the “Cancel” button as long as it’s in “Pending for Approval” status. Once the status change to “Approved”,  the request are not allowed to cancel. 

STEP 6: Once the status changed to “Shipment Arranged”, you’ll able to track your request by clicking the “Track Request” button. Air Waybill and the details will be displayed. 

Tracking Status

There are 3 status in total:

  • Unclaimed - Free flyers is pending for request. Please note that it will only be available for request within 3 months from your top up date.
  • Requested - Request has been received and we will process your order soon.
  • Shipment arranged - Request has been processed and flyers will be delivered to you soon. Click on "Track Request" button to track for delivery status.

STEP 7: The tracking details will be displayed.

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