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How should I pack my parcels?

Parcels can travel many thousands of miles, and proper packaging can help ensure your shipments arrive safely. Here are some tips for good packaging:

Understand packaging needs

To ensure your parcel is fully wrapped and secured for delivery journey, you first need to understand what specific packaging that your parcel needs. There are many ways to look at it, so here are some influencing factors:

  • Weight, shape and size

The box or packaging should be strong enough to hold the weight of the items being shipped. Odd-shaped or rounded packaging may need extra attention.

  • Value of contents

Extra cushioning and protection may be required for high-value goods. You may need to get your parcel fully protected as well.

  • Fragility

A special handling label such as "fragile" and extra cushioning may be required for fragile items.

  • Regulations

Some regulated items may require special packaging to be eligible for delivery. However, items that are classified as prohibited or restricted will not be allowed for delivery via EasyParcel. Refer here

Internal and external packaging

Now that you know what your parcel needs, it's time to learn how to pack internally and externally.

1. Internal packaging is for cushioning to

  • Prevent any damage from shock, vibrations, impacts and pressure during transit
  • Prevent items in a parcel from touching
  • Eliminate any internal movement within the parcel
  • Provide clearance from the item and the external packaging

Learn what materials are needed for you to prepare to pack successfully.

2. External packaging is to support the outside or the parcel

  • Always use strong outer packaging 
  • Choose the right size

3. Packing methods and techniques

  • Leave no empty space
  • 6cm distance (place the item in the center, approximately 6cm from the external wall)
  • Wrap items individually and use dividers
  • Do not strap multiple boxes together

4. How to pack

Single-Box method

  • Suitable for non-fragile items
  • Prepare a new and high quality single or double wall box
  • Learn more here

Box-in-Box method

  • Suitable for fragile items
  • Prepare an outer and an inner box. You can either use the original manufacturer's packaging as the inner box or pack it using the single-box method above
  • Learn more here

Sealing and labeling

Here comes the most important part. Even when you have the perfect box method and materials, but if you don't implement this step, the parcel packaging will not stay together and can't be delivered successfully. Read on to see what you need to do to seal and label nicely.


To keep the packaging together, use high-quality adhesive tape. Here's some recommendations:

  • Brown plastic tape
  • Electrical tape
  • Duct tape


A label with complete details is important for couriers to deliver it. However, you first need to stick the label nicely on the box so it's easy to see and read. Here's how:


These labels are needed to point out to the couriers who are handling the parcel, that it should be handled carefully or the way you want it. There are a variety of instructional labels from which you can choose. You can check it out here.

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