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What do I need to prepare before packing?

In order to pack your parcels successfully, you need to prepare a few things beforehand. Take note of your parcel's needs and understand the type of your parcel, whether it is strong and big or small and fragile type of items. Learn how to understand what your parcel needs.

Once you understand your parcel's needs, you may prepare suitable material. These materials are also available on our EasyParcel Shop, or you can get them from your EasyParcel account. Simply log in, hover over "Shop" and click "Buy".

You can go ahead and get them from there to ease your parcel-packing process.

Packaging MaterialsWhat It IsUsed ForSuitable For
Bubble Wrap 
Internal packaging
Small to medium-sized, fragile type of parcel
Foam Wrap
Internal packagingSmall to medium-sized, fragile type of parcel
Foam peanuts/pelletsInternal packagingSmall to medium-sized, fragile type of parcel
Air BagInternal packagingMedium-sized, fragile type of parcel
Crumpled paperInternal packagingSmall to medium-sized parcel
Corrugated insertsInternal packagingSmall to medium-sized parcel
Shredded cardboardInternal packagingSmall to medium-sized parcel
BoxExternal packagingAll parcel sizes
Sealing TapeExternal packagingAll parcel sizes
Air WaybillExternal packagingAll parcels except for paperless delivery

Now that you've prepared the right packaging materials, it's time to learn how to pack your parcel the right way.

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