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What to do if the receiver is unable to pay COD amount to the courier upon delivery?


It's no secret that providing a Cash On Delivery (COD) payment option to your receivers is one of the top factors in increasing trust among your audience. However, the COD payment option also comes with its own challenges. Check out how to deal with situations when receivers are not able pay COD amount to the courier.

Scenario 1: Receiver does not have enough cash in hand

Since COD payment at EasyParcel only accept cash upon delivery, surely the receivers must have enough cash to hand over to the courier. But in the event that the receivers are not able to prepare the cash beforehand, they may contact our dedicated support team to request a re-attempt for the COD delivery. To avoid this situation happening again, you, as the sender, may remind your receiver of the estimated delivery date and the amount that needs to be prepared. To assist you on this, you can also try our Custom Tracking SMS, Custom Tracking Email or Tracking WhatsApp where the tracking numbers will be sent to them automatically.

Scenario 2: Receiver claims that the parcel is not theirs

Upon arriving to your receiver's location, the courier will inform the receiver of the COD parcel. But in the event that your receiver claims that the parcel mentioned is not theirs, the courier will then return the parcel to you, the sender. To avoid being in this situation again, you may consider these steps:

  • Ensure that your receiver's contact details are correct.
  • Ensure that the details of your receiver's address are correct.

You may also learn about who is responsible for the COD charges and shipping fee if the parcel is rejected or returned so you can better prepare for your next COD shipment.

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