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How to get my COD settlement amount?

COD Withdrawal Feature? Now everyone can enjoy cash on delivery as a payment option! Though, do keep in mind that you’ll need to verify your account to withdraw any COD amount into your bank account.

To unlock the COD withdrawal feature, ?verify your identity by heading to your ‘COD Settlement‘ page to scan the QR code. 

Make sure to fill up the verification process with accurate information. Once your account has been verified, you will be able to withdraw your COD amount ?.

Users requesting to withdraw money from the ‘COD Settlement’ page must ensure to update your bank details beforehand in the ‘Bank Information’ tab located in your ‘Profile‘ page.

? Did you know that by having this option for your customers, you’ll be able to attract a wider customer base as COD is a popular choice among consumers? Plus, you’ll be able to reach customers that prefer cash payment and a simpler transaction process – receive the product, then pay for it.

Another great option to pay for delivery! Build customer trust with your brand through COD payment mode that assures them that their money is secured ?.

Status in COD Settlement

Are you wondering what each status means under the ‘COD Settlement’ page? ? For your information, the status indicates the stages that your COD order is under. Understand what each important status means by referring to this table ⬇️

PendingYour shipment status will enter this stage after purchasing a COD order. In this status, you are unable to request a withdrawal for any COD amount until your chosen courier completes processing the payment to EasyParcel. The status will remain pending until the settlement is received.
To ReleaseOnce EasyParcel has received the settlement from your chosen courier, the status will enter this stage. In this status, the COD amount will be available for withdrawal requests within 7-14 working days after the parcel is delivered. The amount available for release will be shown on the ‘COD Settlement’ page here:
ReleasingAfter requesting a withdrawal, the COD status will be changed to ‘Releasing’. In this status, the EasyParcel team will be working to release your COD amount into the bank account as provided in the ‘Bank Information’ tab within 5-7 working days.
ReleasedIn this status, your COD amount has been released into your bank account. You can refer to the COD Payout Statement/COD Invoice links provided as indicated here:
CancelledThe shipment has been cancelled/returned to the sender.

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