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Why do I need to verify my mobile number?

What is mobile number verification?

Mobile number verification is a process to validate a user's identity and participation in a particular entry. It has been used in various industries for a while now and is one of the most important methods for many reasons. 

Why do you need to verify your mobile number?

There are so many reasons why you need to verify your mobile number, including:

Authenticate registration: For a first-time account registrar, your mobile number is needed to authenticate and validate that it is you who made the registration and not other people.

Authenticate financial value transactions: In EasyParcel, you can enjoy great promo rates, free packaging materials, and other amazing perks when you make a top-up. This process will need authentication, and an OTP will also be sent to the registered mobile number.

Now that you know the reasons to verify your mobile number, you may learn how to verify your mobile number the right way here.

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