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Why my Account Verification (eKYC) application is rejected?

Why my eKYC application is rejected?

Your account verification (eKYC) may be rejected for the following reasons:

ID card issues: Your Identity Card (ID) may have some issues such as ID is not recognized by the database, etc.

Wrong details: You may have entered the wrong details or information about yourself, which results in mismatched data. See what information is needed for account verification (eKYC).

Internet connectivity: Most of them when you're already entered the information correct, the only issue that the account is still not verified is may be because your internet connection is weak or none which results no information is successfully submitted.

Device issues: One of the steps to verifying your account is to take a photo of your card and yourself. You may have had phone camera issues and couldn't get the right pictures for the process.

What should I do if my eKYC application got rejected?

Fret not! Even if your eKYC application was rejected, you can always reapply. This time, you may take note of a few actions to have a successful application. Here are some actions you may take to re-apply for account verification:

Correct information: Make sure when you enter your information, everything is double-checked, correct and matches the information on your Identity Card (IC).

Functioning phone camera: A clear photo of your IC without catching any flashlights and a clear selfie of yourself require a good camera. Ensure your camera lens is in good condition to get clear photos.

Strong internet connection: It's a given that you need a good internet connection to ensure you can submit the details properly. Check your internet speed first to see if your connection is strong before starting the account verification process.

Now that you have everything prepared, take a look at the steps to verify your account successfully.

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