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Why did my login attempt fail?

There are several reasons you may not be able to log in to your EasyParcel account. To better understand why, we recommend trying other login methods prior to contacting our customer service agent.

If you forgot your password, you can reset your password.

Other failed logins are due to one of the three following reasons:

1. System Limitations

As part of EasyParcel's increasing efforts to make the booking experience safe and enjoyable for all our users, some system limitations have been put in place. This is also to prevent unauthorized access to your account. Therefore, if you face this issue we do suggest contacting our customer service agent via contact us where you can send an email or get real-time answers via live chat.

Note: Click here to learn more on how to contact EasyParcel support team.

2. Access Limitations

You may be unable to access your account due to access limitations such as where your account is under review or suspended as your account may have been detected to have violated EasyParcel's policies or terms of use. Pop ups such as the below may appear. If you have received the above pop up, learn more about how you can remove the above access limitation here.

Besides that, your account may have been detected to have not been verified yet. Once you have verified your account, a lot more features become available for you to use and ease your shipping process. Click here to identify how you can verify your account here!

3. Permanent Suspension

Finally, we may permanently suspend users who have violated EasyParcel policies. Such users will not be able to log in due to security reasons. You may learn more about account limitations.

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