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How to check which insurance / protection coverage is applied to my shipment?

2 types of insurance / protection in EasyParcel

There are 3 types of insurance / protection in EasyParcel; Basic Insurance, and EasyCover. Refer to our tables below to see what each of the insurance / protection types covers.

Insurance / Protection Types
Offered By
Applicable To
Covers Up To
Basic InsuranceCourier Service
All shipments made via EasyParcel

Loss & damage parcel
Varies depending on the chosen courier
Shipments that added 1.2% of parcel value during checkout
Loss parcel
Up to a maximum of $5,000 coverage

How to check which insurance / protection coverage applied to my shipment?

You may do so by clicking on the "Manage Parcel" tab, then clicking "All Parcel". Find the shipment for which you want more clarification on its applied insurance / protection coverage, then click on the tracking number.

Under courier details, you'll find your insurance / protection coverage, where it will show either 'Basic' or 'EasyCover'. 

You may learn more on how to add on parcel protection here.

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