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What is EasyParcel credit?

EasyParcel offer the options for users to top up their EasyParcel account with credit to boost convenience and everyone can got their shipment booked easily and time saving! Not only that, there are 11 top up packages ranging from EP20 - EP20,000 and every package comes with different attractive rates and benefits. You may choose based on your preference and delivery needs! 

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You can top up via online banking, credit/debit card, e-wallet or bank transfer. 

EasyParcel credit is valid for (1) year from your top up date. You can activate back your remaining credit by topping up again. For instance, you’ve made a EP500 top up on Jan 1 that unlocks promotion rate for 6 months. If you have remaining credit after June 30, your account will switch back to normal rate. A new top up will activate back all remaining credit and allow you to enjoy promo rate and benefits of your most recent top up package. 

Before your account expires, we will send you multiple reminders through SMS and email. The infographic below shows everything you need to know about EasyParcel credit:

There are 3 ways to check for your account validity:

#1 Click on the arrow icon beside your profile picture and mouseover the green "Verified" label under your profile name to view the credit active date.

#2 Mouseover the clock icon located beside your EasyParcel credits, you can view the account validity now.

#3 Click "Account" > "Profile" on the side bar menu and click on the green "Verified" button under your profile name to check account validity.

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