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What is a courier manifest in shipping?

What is a manifest?

Prior to handing over your shipments to the booked courier, you would normally need to provide a shipment list that acts as a proof of collection for your shipments. This list or document is referred to as a 'Courier Manifest' that provides a clear list of the tracking number and total number of parcels that is to be picked up by the selected courier.

A courier manifest is a form or document that is generated by couriers that contains your overall shipment(s) information. It is commonly suggested to be used when you are shipping multiple shipments at once, having a courier manifest on hand can aid in a seamless handover process between the sender and the courier booked.

It is important to have a courier manifest for your delivery in cases where it is lost or damaged, it can be used to file for compensation claim and be used by the involved courier partners for investigation purposes.

How to generate a manifest?

You are able to download your courier manifest by following the steps below:
Step 1: Head over to your dashboard and click 'Manage Parcel' > 'All Parcel'.

Step 2: Select your parcel's that are to be collected by the courier and click on 'Download' > 'Courier Manifest'.

A zip file will be downloaded containing the courier manifest where you can print it and let the driver to sign to acknowledge that these parcels have been collected at the specified date and time.

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