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How to remind courier for pick up / collection?

Why is my parcel not picked up?

There are usually only a few reasons why a courier is not present for a scheduled pick up:

  • Rider's Schedule - the rider has reached the end of their working hours before they have reached your specified collection point. This can be caused by traffic delays.
  • Force Major - this is a failure scan indicating that an authority has prevented the rider from completing the route to your selected pick up point. This could be a police diversion or a road event, such as a marathon.
  • Booking Error - the rider doesn’t have your collection scheduled in their system from courier HQ.

How to remind courier for collection?

Step 1: Head over to the dashboard and go to "Manage Parcel". From there, click on "All Parcel".

Step 2: Click on “Report”.

Step 3: Under Report Parcel, select the option, "Parcel Collection - missed pick up/ remind pick up".

Step 4: After submitting, any updates regarding your report can be viewed at the Message Board. Our customer service support team will proceed to remind the designated courier to collect your shipment as soon as possible!

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