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How to identify my parcel is a missed pickup delivery?


If you're expecting a parcel to be delivered to you and it hasn't been collected, there are a few steps you can take to determine whether it's a missed pickup or if there's another issue at play:

1. Check the tracking information: Use the tracking number here, check it to see if there are any updates on the package's location or delivery status. If the tracking information indicates that the parcel status is "to be collected" and it has stuck in this status for days or past scheduled collection date, it's possible that it was a missed pickup delivery.

2. Contact us:  Contact us to ask about the status of your package. Our customer service agent will be able to provide you more information about its location and whether it was collected or not.

If you have identified that your parcel is indeed a missed pick up parcel, learn more here to see ways that you can remind courier for pick up.

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