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Why is my parcel delayed?

1. Inaccurate Documentation

When creating an order for your customers shipment, it is extremely important to have the correct documentation and paperwork prepared prior to shipping out your parcel. Without the necessary shipping documents, this may contribute towards the delay in the shipping process, from the point of origin, customs clearance (if necessary) and arriving at the final shipping destination.

Here are some of the common errors faced:

  • Incomplete paperwork
    Often shipments that are shipped internationally or even to East Malaysia, certain paperwork are required to pass custom clearances such as proforma invoice or certificate of authenticities. If needed documents are missing, this could lead to an extension in customs inspection. Ultimately this will lead to delay in your parcels delivery.
  • Incorrect content description
    Errors towards important details such as the parcel contents HS code, product specifications and place of origin may cause a delay in the parcels clearance process. At worst, the shipment could be denied entry into the final shipping destination.
  • Blurred writing
    When packing your parcel for delivery, it is important to ensure that the documents are comprehensible to ensure the smooth processing of the goods. To ensure that the documents are not blurry or unclear, it should be kept within a waterproof pouch. Any unclear information will not be given leeway by the customs and clearance, leading to delays.
  • Faulty labels
    A parcel's shipping label plays the most vital role as improper labelling could result in the parcel being misplaced or shipped to an incorrect location. It could also cause delays in customs clearance as the agents will not be able to access the correct information.

2. Peak Season

Peak seasons are specific periods of time where there is a significant increase in volumes of shipment due to higher demand. Throughout this period, there is usually a noticeable surge in sales and high customer traffic. Due to this, customers may notice that their parcels may take longer than usual to reach their receivers due to high volumes of shipment for the couriers to process.

3. Natural Occurring Events

Natural occurring events refer to situations that are beyond the controls of human. These events could lead to further restrictions and routing delays that could not be avoided till further notice.

An example to explain this phenomena would be the COVID-19 pandemic where there was an increase in demand for online e-commerce services and goods would be delivered contactless. Due to this sudden surge, logistics companies faced lost in manpower due to employees succumbing to the infectious disease, leading to a delay in shipment delivery. There were also nation-made restrictions which led to increased delay in delivery. 

4. Inaccurate Information

Providing inaccurate information during the parcel delivery process can result in the parcel not being accurately delivered to its destination. This situation may include errors in the address, inaccurate contact information, or the recipient not being present at the specified address, uncontactable/phone not reachable, address incomplete, inaccurate postcode.

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