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What should I do if my parcel is charged with weight discrepancy?

For customer's further information, based on our Terms and Conditions: 8.0 Surcharges, shipment charges are calculated according to the shipments actual or volumetric weight, whichever of the two is higher. Your shipment may be re-weighed and measured again by the the booked courier to confirm on the weight calculation.

You may refer to the link below for further information:

If it is found that your parcel weight is incorrectly declared, the courier in charge will bill EasyParcel according to the correct parcel weight and EasyParcel will bill the users account accordingly. If you wish to dispute the charges, you may follow the steps as guided below:

Step 1: Visit our Contact Us website at https://app.easyparcel.com/sg/en/contact-us/

Step 2: After entering the website, click on Shipment Enquiry. 

Step 3: Next, select whether your parcel is a domestic or international shipment. 

Step 4: A list of options will appear prior to selecting your parcels shipment type. From there, scroll until you are able to see the 'Weight Discrepancy - misdeclared parcel weight/sizes' and select the option. 

Step 5: Fill up the necessary details required in the section below:

  • Actual weight
  • Photo of your parcel on a weighing scale
  • Parcel dimension
  • Photo of your parcels dimension by using a measuring tool on the packaging material used for your shipment
  • Note: An additional attachment that may further assist you in disputing your charges are such as pictures of the parcels content.

Step 6: Once submitted, our customer support team will approach you accordingly via your ticket ID where it can be found in your email.You may also check on ticket updates via the Message Board by going to your Dashboard > Customer Support.

**IMPORTANT:  Customers will need to dispute the weight disprecancy charges within 10 days of receiving the notice on their account. 

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