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What should I do if my parcels have not been delivered after the given time frame?

Why is my parcel delayed?

Your parcel delivery could be delayed due to a number of reasons. The following are a few reasons:

  1. Inaccurate Documentation
  2. Peak Season
  3. Natural Occuring Events
  4. Inaccurate information such as uncontactable/phone not reachable, phone number incorrect, address incorrect, address incomplete, inaccurate postcode.

Learn more about it here.

When should I report my delayed parcel?

  • When your parcel has exceeded more than 3 working days, and there been no movement.
  • If within 15-25 days from the parcel pick up date and there has been no movement. The parcel is protected by EasyParcel, so you may submit for Lost Claim if the parcel is confirmed as lost by the courier booked. Learn more about how you can file a report for claim here

How do I report my delayed parcel?

If your parcel has not been delivered after the given time frame, we will assist in following up with the respective courier by taking the necessary steps below:

Solution 1 (Recommended)

Step 1: Click on Manage Parcel > All Parcel.

Step 2: Click on the 3 lines icon and select “Report”.

Step 3: Select “Parcel Delivery - late delivery/delivery issue” from the drop-down list.

Step 4: Your report will be submitted where our customer support team will follow up with courier on the parcel status.

Step 5: Any further updates can be viewed on EasyParcel's inquiry board which can be accessed via "Support", click "Customer Support".

Solution 2

Besides reporting via our website, you may also report via our contact form by following the steps below:
Step 1:  Visit our Contact Us website at https://app.easyparcel.com//en/contact-us/ OR go to our dashboard and click Support > Contact Us.

Step 2: After entering the website, click on Shipment Enquiry.

Step 3: Next, select whether your parcel is a domestic or international shipment. 

Step 4: A list of options will appear prior to selecting your parcels shipment type. From there, select 'Parcel Delivery - late delivery'.

Step 5: Fill up the necessary details required in the section below. Once submitted, our customer support team will approach you accordingly via your ticket ID where it can be found in your email.

How to follow up the ticket from EasyParcel website?

Step 1: At your dashboard under "Support", click "Customer Support".

Step 2: You can find all your submitted tickets here under "Processing" & "Closed" category.
- "Processing" refers to the tickets that haven't been solved.
- "Closed" refers to the tickets that have been solved/ closed case.

Step 3: Click "view" for the details and content of the ticket. You can also scroll down to reply the ticket.

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