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What does the parcel tracking statuses mean?

To ease your delivery experience, EasyParcel also provides a real-time tracking system where you can check your parcel's whereabouts at any time. But every milestone of the parcel status is indicated by a specific status. To know what each of these statuses means, you can check them out in the table below.

StatusIts Meaning
Scheduled (In Arrangement)This means that you have successfully booked a parcel and is already scheduled for next step.
Pending For CollectionThis means that your parcel is ready to be picked up by your chosen courier service.
Delivery On HoldThis means that your parcel delivery is being held on for a while until the next step can be carry out.
CollectedThis means that your parcel has been collected by your courier.
Drop OffThis means that you have chosen the drop off option for your parcel.
In TransitThis means that your parcel is already in its way to your receiver.
DeliveredThis means that your parcel has been successfully arrived at its destination (your receiver's location).
ReturnedThis means that your parcel has been successfully returned to your address (sender's address)
CancelledThis means that you have cancelled your delivery booking.
Admin CancelThis means that the EasyParcel has cancelled your parcel booking.

It's important to note that the tracking statuses may not be updated in real-time and there may be a delay in the information being updated. You may refresh your account to get the latest status update.

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