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When my parcel can be delivered?


At EasyParcel, we understand that timely delivery is essential for a positive shipping experience. The delivery of time of your parcel will depend on several factors, including the courier service you have selected, the destination of your shipment, and the level of service you have chosen.

Here are some general guidelines to help you estimate when your parcel will be delivered:

Transit time

Transit time refers to the time it takes for your parcel to be transported from the pick up location to the delivery destination. This time can vary depending on the courier service and the distance between the pick up and delivery locations. Some courier services offer faster transit time for an additional fee. 

Delivery option

Courier services usually offer different delivery options, such as Domestic delivery, International delivery or On-Demand delivery. If you choose On-Demand option, your parcel will be given priority for delivery and will be delivered faster than other types of deliveries. Learn more about each courier service so you can be prepared for your next booking.

Working days

Most courier services only operate on working days (Monday to Friday), and deliveries may not be on weekends or public holidays. Be sure to check with the courier service to confirm their delivery schedule.

Delivery attempts

If the courier is unable to deliver your parcel on the first attempt, they will usually make several attempts before returning it to the sender. The number of delivery attempts can vary depending on the courier service and the destination country.

Customs clearance

EasyParcel has a comprehensive parcel status update system, with chat for your delivery inquiries, or you can first check your answers too.

If you are shipping internationally, your parcel may be subject to customs clearance. This process can take up several days and may delay the delivery of your parcel. To avoid this happening, you may learn more on shipping internationally with Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) here

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