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How to change shipment to drop-off?

In order to improve your online booking experience, we are in the midst of upgrading our online customer service with a brand new design and feature – Self Service Centre. With this new tool, you can now manage all your shipments online with just a few clicks.

To change shipment to drop off:-

Step 1: Go to “Support” on your dashboard and click “Self Service Centre”.

Step 2: Click on “Drop-Off”.

Step 3: Under the tab of “Drop-Off”, select the parcel and choose courier branch as your drop-off point.

Pgeon point will only be available for Pgeon shipment temporarily until further notice.

Step 4: Select your preferred drop-off point and click on “Drop-Off” to proceed.

Step 5: Click “Yes” to confirm your drop-off point.

Step 6: You can drop off your parcel at the selected point now!

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