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What should i do if shipment damaged?

Parcels from time to time can be damaged in transit, so this is why it is important that you pack them correctly to reduce the risk. If your parcel has arrived and it is damaged, you will need to report to our support team HERE. In order for our support team to assist you and begin the claim process with your selected courier, follow the steps stated below!

How To Submit Claim For Damaged Parcel?

Step 1: Go to “Support” on the sidebar and click on “Contact Us”.

Step 2: Select either "Domestic Shipment" or "International Shipment" (subject to your booked parcel).

Step 3: Select “Parcel Damaged" from the drop-down list. 

Step 4: Fill up the form, upload the required document such as commercial invoice, photos of parcel packaging and parcel content. Then click on “Submit Now”.

Step 5: You can check the status with a click on the “Check Your Enquiries Update” button. 

The primary cause of damage is insufficient packaging. You must always consider your parcel's pending journey when you prepare your shipment for delivery. All parcels, especially international parcels, are handled, loaded, and offloaded several times during transit. In addition, your parcel will be stacked onto other parcels, and it will also have other parcels stacked on top of it. This is why it's important that you package your goods in accordance with our Packaging Criteria.

Your claim is likely to be rejected if:

  • There is no external damage to the packaging, but the contents inside are damaged. This points to the fact that the goods were not sufficiently protected inside the box.
  • The goods inside were not sufficiently cushioned and suspended inside the box to prevent movement and protect against external impact during transit.
  • If the weight of your contents were too heavy for the size of the box, or the type of box used.
  • The joins and openings of the parcel were not sufficiently secured for transit by suitable amounts of packaging tape, and as a result the walls of the box have collapsed, or the parcel has burst open during transit.
  • You do not submit your claim request within 14 calendar days of receiving the damaged items.
  • You fail to sign for your parcel as received 'damaged' upon delivery or as 'unchecked'.
  • Your goods are on our  prohibited and no compensation item list.
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