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How to compare courier services?

 Comparing courier services is a hassle-free process with EasyParcel. Simply log in to your account and click "Single Parcel" Enter the postcodes for "From" and "To" destinations and your "Parcel Weight" then hit "Quote & Book". A list of multiple couriers will appear for you to easily compare and choose from. Keep reading to learn various aspects to look for when comparing the best courier.

Service Options

How to compare the courier service options?

The first aspect you can consider when comparing is the service offered by each courier. In certain areas, couriers offer unique services, and you can see them all on just one page. The services offered include: pick-up (door to point, door to door) service, drop-off (point to door, point to point) service. Both of these services are named "Handover service". Cash On Delivery (COD) and Minimum Order Requirement (MOQ). You can see these services listed just under the courier name and you can choose the ones that suit your parcel needs.

Service Rating

How to compare the courier service rating?

The second aspect is the service rating that is given by previous users for each courier. This is also a good indicator for you to choose the best courier for you. Refer here on how to rate and review a courier service.

Delivery Timeline Estimation

How to compare the delivery timeline?

The third aspect is delivery timeline estimation. For each courier, there is an estimation of how long the delivery will take to the quoted destination. This can give you an idea of when your parcel may arrive when you choose the courier.

Service Info

How to compare the courier service info?

The fourth aspect is the service info for each courier. This is additional info that you need, and mostly it shows whether or not you need an Air Waybill (AWB) for the shipments. The alternative is paperless delivery, where the service info will show no need for AWB. 
You can click on the info icon for each couriers' service info, please go thru every details before booking.


How to compare your rate and promo rate (pricing)?

The last, but surely not the least, aspect is the shipment rate offered by each of our courier partners. Seemingly, there are two ways you can compare the rate. 

First, "Your Rate" and secondly, "Promo Rate For". "Your Rate" represents the rate you'll be paying based on your current membership, while the "Promo Rate For" section is for you to explore other exclusive shipping rates if you upgrade to other membership levels. This will make it easy for you to compare and see other amazing rates that you can unlock for your parcel bookings. You can unlock the exclusive shipping rates by simply making a new top up.

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