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How to create international shipments via File Upload (Bulk Parcel)?

Our new bulk parcel tool will help you save time when it comes to deliver up to 100 packages oversea. Just follow the steps below and complete all the relevant columns before uploading your spreadsheet and the process will be much smoother than you copy and paste 1-by-1.

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Select “Bulk Parcel” on the dashboard or click “Send Parcel > Bulk Parcel”.

Step 2: Click on “Download International Template” under International. Kindly read through the notice below if you plan to use SF Express shipment. 

Step 3: Fill in details in the template and "Save". This includes:

  • Parcel content - describe your parcel content correctly. For example, "H&M men’s sweather" instead of "shirt".
  • Parcel value (SGD) - fill in accurate parcel value to ensure a smooth delivery process.
  • Weight (kg)
  • Pick up date
  • Sender details
  • Receiver details
  • Courier company
  • Item HS code (optional) -  (harmonized commodity description & coding system) were created for international use by the customs department to classify commodities when they are being declared at the custom frontiers by exporters and importers. For eg, the HS code for a book is 4820 20 000. View more
  • Reference

⚠️ If this “Compatibility Checker” appear while you’re trying to save file, kindly click “Continue” and the file will be saved automatically⚠️ 

Step 4: Click “Import Order” and select the international template from your file.

⚠️ You may saw this notice info if your courier selection is not in service. Click “Okay” to proceed and you may change your courier later⚠️ 

Step 5: Click "Next" once all orders have been uploaded.

Step 6: Check again all parcel details, then select your orders and click “Check Out”.

⚠️ During check out, you may saw this “Action Required” at the cart. Click the three line icon on the right side to take action by choosing “Change Detail”⚠️ 

Step 7: Click “Pay with Credits” to proceed to payment. 

Step 8: Click on “Download All AWB”. Get ready for printing and it’s done! 

In case you’ve missed out Step 8 to download AWB, worry NOT! 

  • Click on “All Parcels” > “Parcel Status” in menu tab. Select the rows of shipments which you would like to print the air waybills. Click on “Download > Download AWB”. All you have to do now is get ready to print the AWBs and wait for courier pickup!

View Video Tutorial:

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