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How to choose the Best Courier Service?

Based on cheapest rate

You can easily find the best courier service by comparing their shipment rates. Here's how you do it:

Step 1: Log in to your account, click "Single Parcel", and quote your parcel.

Step 2: A list of multiple couriers will appear for you to choose from. Look over the "Your Rate" part to see which is the cheapest rate for your parcel destination.

Step 3: Now choose the courier that is the cheapest and hit "Book"

Based on fastest service

Another way to opt for the best courier service is by looking at the fastest delivery period that the courier offers. Here's how you can find one:

Repeat steps 1–2 as above, then look at the column "Estimate Delivery Duration". You can see what each courier's delivery duration would be for your parcel's destination. Thus, you can choose the one that has the shortest estimated delivery duration among the others.

Based on buyers' choice

The last but not the least way to choose the best courier service is to look at what your customers love to choose most. This can be done by integrating your store with your EasyParcel account. You can check out how to integrate your store successfully here to see what your customers favourite courier choice is.

At the billing details step, your buyers are required to fill in their details and are then given a list of couriers that they can choose from.

This is a good indicator to see which couriers are best for your parcels in the future.

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