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What is Express Driver Finder?

What is Express Driver Finder?

Express Driver Finder is a groundbreaking feature designed for On-demand delivery, offering users seamless access to a diverse pool of drivers. Streamlining the booking process, it empowers users to select from multiple courier services in a single booking, significantly enhancing the likelihood of securing a driver promptly. Particularly advantageous for urgent deliveries, this feature ensures your time-sensitive packages reach their destination on time, every time, eliminating the need for frustrating rebookings due to unavailability.

How does Express Driver Finder work?

Scenario 1:

When a user selects multiple courier services for an On-Demand delivery booking, they are presented with a range of delivery rates. The system initially charges the highest amount within this range. However, as soon as a driver is secured, if the rate offered by this driver is lower than the initially charged highest amount, the system automatically refunds the difference to the user. This ensures that users are charged fairly based on the actual rate provided by the chosen driver, maximizing transparency and cost-effectiveness in the delivery process.

Scenario 2:

Once a driver is secured, if the rate offered by the driver happens to be the highest within the quoted range, the booking process proceeds seamlessly without any additional charges or refunds. This straightforward approach ensures a hassle-free experience for users.

How to book On-Demand delivery with Express Driver Finder?

Step 1: Log in to your account. Under 'Send Parcel' click 'On-Demand Delivery', then fill in your 'Pickup', 'Drop-off' and click 'Get a Quote'.

Step 2: Select multiple courier services that you prefer, then click 'Book Now'.

Step 3: Hang on a second while the system is processing your booking.

Step 4: Choose your pick up time and date.

Step 5: Fill in your pick up address, contact number and parcel details.

Step 6: Fill in your drop off address, contact number and parcel details.

Note: The On-Demand delivery service at EasyParcel offers you a drop-off service for up to 10 parcels. That is why, to ensure a smooth delivery experience for you, we kindly request parcel details and descriptions in the 'Drop off' section as well.

Step 7: Click 'Pay Now' to proceed with the payment to place your order.

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